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The fable is “miles away” from release

The fable is “miles away” from release

The next Fable is said to be very far from release and the developers are “not quite sure” what it will be.


In 2020 we received a trailer showing that the A new tale for Xbox Series X/S. Be in action. Since then we haven’t heard from or seen many of those responsible for it. Most of all it surprised the developers of Forza racing games playground games Franchise took over. Now there are reports that Playground may not be as convinced as many fans had hoped.

According to’s sources, the Fable development team is “not quite sure” what the new game will be. There are rumors that the development team is inspired by The Witcher series.

Myth: No official news in 2023?

The team seems to be having a bit of an identity crisis as to where the game needs to go. This suggests that we still don’t see anything “role-playing with a lot of fun” in Xbox’s large-scale summer offering.

In the Podcast by said the author Jordan Midler (via that: “I’ve had conversations about Project Fable sounding like…a lot of people aren’t quite sure what to think of this tale.”

He also adds: “I’m not sure if I made an original game in the style of Fable now, that’s what people want. The term ‘Witcher-like’ often crossed my mind. I think that would piss people off like the original Fable did.”

Fable - (c) Playground games

An anecdote for Xbox Series X/S: We haven’t seen more than one advert from 2020 so far. (c) Playground games

Is Xbox too attached to the franchise?

In the podcast, Midler explains what many of us have already suspected: The game was only made because Fable was a big name in the Xbox 360 era. Not necessarily because Playground Games had an idea for a new game.

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Title according to the head of VGC Andy Robinson Only now it has entered full production. For us, that also means that something like a game trailer is still “miles away.” Just like the release date. This contradicts other rumors that the title has reached “playable” status. However, the beta level will already be a “playable state”. So this could also be true. At least rumors of a development restart have been dismissed, which in turn indicates that Playground is moving forward.

Why are you waiting for Fable? Instead, Xbox has a lot more to offer in the role-playing genre. After Starfield comes Avowed, the Xbox’s “next big thing”. At least the development of this game seems to be going well. At least that’s what the rumors suggest. And for developer Obsidian Entertainment, the genre isn’t a new territory, as it is for Playground. So fantasy RPG fans can take a look at Avowed before they get upset that a Fable release is so far away.

wonderful In development at Playground Games for Xbox Series X/S.