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5500 MWh: The largest photovoltaic system installed on Earth in Linzing

5500 MWh: The largest photovoltaic system installed on Earth in Linzing

Dependence on the energy transition: Lenzing AG Board Member Christian Schleich and State Councilor Markus Achleitner © Upper Austria / MEINGER

Upper Austria continues to advance the implementation of the energy transition. Leading local companies also help with this.

We aim to increase solar power generation tenfold by 2030. The oö. Lenzing Fiber Group. It is not only a leading company in Upper Austria, but also an exemplary company in terms of recycling management and sustainability. With the construction of the largest open space photovoltaic system in our federal state, Lenzing AG is setting another milestone in the direction of a carbon dioxide neutral industrial site,” says Economy Minister Markus Achleitner. The road there is paved.

The go-ahead was given with the notification of approval for the open space PV system at the former Ofenloch landfill by the Spatial Planning Department.

Legally binding dedication is also the basis for the issuance of the outstanding Nature Conservation Notice. Once the planned modification to the landfill area is received, the fiber array can then create the planned PV system, which will generate 5,500 MWh of electricity annually.

“This corresponds to the annual electricity requirements of more than 1,700 households and is the largest open space PV system in Upper Austria to date,” says L.R. Achleitner.

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