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59 people have died in the snow storm in the United States

According to the latest reports, at least 59 people have died due to severe blizzards in the United States. As of yesterday (local time), authorities reported 37 deaths in New York State’s Erie County district alone. About 500 residents in the city of Buffalo were still without power, according to Mayor Byron Brown.

An arctic cold snap with temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius has thrown large parts of the US into disarray just before Christmas. The situation was particularly dramatic in Buffalo and surrounding areas of Erie County. Many were found dead in their cars or under the snow.

Dissolving warning

Considering the current rising temperatures, officials have issued an ice warning. “As temperatures rise, we expect snowmelt and flash-melt flooding to occur,” Erie County Executive Mark Polancarz said.

Air traffic has been disrupted for several days due to the blizzard. Southwest Airlines, which had to cancel more than 2,500 more flights on Wednesday, was particularly hard hit.

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