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USA: Jorge Santos is under investigation for fake CV – politics

The New York attorney’s office is investigating the future US congressman for allegedly providing false information on his CV. Nassau County District Attorney Ann D. Donnelly said Wednesday.

An investigation followed the report The New York Times, who got to the bottom of the 34-year-old’s CV in more detail. Accordingly, Santos said he was an “experienced investor on Wall Street.” As requested The New York Times However, the alleged employers said that Santos was never hired by them. The newspaper could not verify his university degree. Santos has also been accused of misleading the public about his family history and Jewish background.

In an interview New York Post The Republican admitted his application was “shining.” He is sorry. “I admit, we do stupid things in life.” Santos was elected to the US House of Representatives in last November’s congressional elections and wants to take office next week when the new chamber of Congress convenes for the first time.

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