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75th Anniversary: ​​Artist Lily Paul Roncale slipped into her first couture outfit in Josel Dirndl

75th Anniversary: ​​Artist Lily Paul Roncale slipped into her first couture outfit in Josel Dirndl

The Gössl family has been making traditional costumes in Salzburg for 75 years, and the company is now in the hands of the third generation, Maximilian Gössl. Anniversaries are celebrated with the dirndl dress made of linen and silk. This rococo-inspired dress is the first of its kind launched by the family business.

1.5 million cross stitches adorn the white dress, which consists of three circular skirts and eighteen meters of metallic straps that maintain the shape of the skirt. The clear lines of the classic dirndl are combined with romantic shapes, forming a feminine silhouette. A veil has also been incorporated into the design of the silk blouse, and detailed embroidered roses as a sign of love can be found throughout the dress. The shoes also adapt to the dress and are also made of linen. The dress was designed by Emmanuel Berger, who recently received a Bucherer scholarship for his designs for the luxury watch brand.

Managing Director Gossel is delighted with the special anniversary piece: “The dirndl design demonstrates the know-how of our brand, which we specifically target women who want to express their personality with appropriate attire.”

Dancer Angelica Rattig, Maximilian Gossel, Lily Paul Roncalli, designer Emmanuel Berger, dancer Liviana Dejean
© Kathryn Schiffel

Couture Dirndl for every new collection

The dress was presented at the official show in Vienna by artist Lily Paul Roncali. Henceforth, each future collection, twice a year, will precede Dirndl Couture as a museum exhibit. In reduced form, the designs will also be available for purchase in the collection later.

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