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7Mind: Mindful relaxation via an app

7Mind: Mindful relaxation via an app

Stress makes us more efficient in the short term and activates more power than available resources. When do you feel stressed?

Manuel Ronfeldt: When so many things hit me at the same time, the all-important deadline is breathing down my neck, and then, on top of it all, something goes particularly wrong. Then sometimes a morning meditation or a long run helps to a limited extent

Meditate digitally: With the 7Mind app, users can relax and get more comfortable in everyday life, as promised by the developers. BARMER MEMBERS CAN USE THE APP Free use

How do you incorporate relaxation techniques into your daily life?

Ronfeldt: I learned a short meditation technique during my community service in India in 2009, which I’ve actually used every morning since then, no matter how short the night or how long the ceremony is. For me, this is just as natural as taking a shower and brushing my teeth; I don’t want to miss it anymore.

What prompted you to develop the 7Mind relaxation app? What advantages does it provide to users?

Ronfeldt: My own experience of how uncomplicated meditation can be and how valuable it is in enriching your daily life. In 2014, there wasn’t a simple, good idea to start meditation—certainly not digital. This was the idea of ​​7Mind. I wanted to combine the two and put the topic of mindfulness on a scientific basis. I am convinced that there is no easier way to learn meditation than 7Mind. The app offers more than 1,000 diverse exercises, and everything from stress and sleep courses to exercises for a relaxing break at work or at home are included.

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What are your plans for the future of 7Mind? What new technologies can help users develop resilience to stress?

Ronfeldt: In terms of the technical development of our application and the content we focus on, it is always the exchange with our users that sets the direction for us. We are always grateful to the number of people who wish to contact us. We’re really developing something new, which keeps us all super excited and on our toes internally.