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Tipler returns to the slopes, and Mayer and Heder stop

Tipler returns to the slopes, and Mayer and Heder stop

News from the Women's Alpine World Cup Team: Tamara Tipler has decided to return to World Cup Skiing after maternity leave. As a result, ÖSV has lost two of its top speed ladies: Sabrina Mayer and Michaela Haider both announced the end of their careers today.

“I had always planned to return to the World Cup, and I just had to see if I could push myself to the limits again in terms of speed. While training with my teammates and after Saalbach as a leader, I realized that this chapter was far from over for me,” she says. Tipler, 33, explaining her comeback. He continued: “And of course I had to clarify with the family that my little daughter Mia would be well taken care of while I was traveling with the racing team. I would also like to point out that as a mother, you can still achieve the highest level of performance in a top-class sport, and that it is possible to combine Family and work in professional sport I am well aware that it will not be easy, but I am ready to take on the challenge “That is why I am very happy to be part of the team again and that the Austrian Ski Association gives me the opportunity to follow my passion, which is ski racing,” explains Styrian.

Functions with ups and downs

The era of Salzburg's Sabrina Mayer and Styria's Michaela Haider is coming to an end. After nearly a decade of Ski World Cup participation, 98 World Cup appearances and 189 European Cup appearances, the speed specialists decided to take new paths. The Ski Austria athletes' careers have been marked by ups and downs. After setbacks and injuries, they always struggled to get back on the track. However, they have now decided to say goodbye to ski racing and devote themselves to new tasks.

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“Tamara is determined to continue her skating career and of course we want to support her in this. Your positive personality will certainly enrich our team once again. I wish Sabrina and Michaela all the best in their future, and I am convinced that they will devote themselves to achieving their future goals with the same commitment as they are,” says coach Roland Assinger. “The situation in sports is first-class.”