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80s computer -

80s computer –

“100 Items – 100 Stories”

An entire room in the Anniversary Gallery at Schlining Castle is dedicated to the theme of education. Burgenland’s difficult path is traced in terms of education. The computer from the 1980s was designed to serve as an example of the rapid development of the education system.

Huge gray screen, computer enclosure with slots for the “floppy disks” that were popular at the time, a worn keyboard – in the 80s it was, they say, “state of the art” today, storage 20 megabytes of this computer 100 times Better than any mobile phone. By the way, 1.2 MB contained on the floppy disk.

1925: “Burgenland School Shame”

However, the exhibition aims to illustrate the rapid development that the Burgenland school system has experienced over the past 100 years. As late as 1925 the then Social Democratic Deputy Governor Ludwig Lesser spoke of the “Burgenland School shame” and even after ten years only three percent of pupils were able to attend public school because school fees were too expensive.

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“100 Objects – 100 Stories”, 12 September 2022, ORF 2 Burgenland

Boom in the 60’s and 70’s

The education sector didn’t really take off until the 1960s and 1970s. At that time, the number of secondary schools doubled; In 1970, there were already ten schools compared to the three high schools in the beginning. Today, Burgenland has the highest rate of high school graduates of all the federal states.

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In the higher education sector there are courses at the Universities of Applied Sciences in Eisenstadt and Benkafeld, in addition to the branch of the University of Graz in Oberschutzen, Burgenland will soon have a private university with the Joseph Haydn Conservatory that will be able to award academic degrees.

80’s computer