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A 20-year-old Iranian man beheaded by his brother

A 20-year-old Iranian man beheaded by his brother

He was a cheerful young man who was then murdered by his family. The tragic story of Ali Reza Fadhli is single.

Last week, a 20-year-old Iranian was murdered by his half-brother and cousin. Reason: Ali Reza Fazili Monad was gay.

Escape to Turkey

The young man wanted to flee to Turkey and start a new life there. His partner was already there. From there, the couple wanted to travel and apply for asylum in a European country. However, this escape and a promising future did not materialize.

He was not recognized by the army

His family learned of Fadel Monofo’s homosexuality as it was the official reason for not being accepted into the army. Then the 20-year-old was transported to a nearby village and brutally murdered there. The BBC reported that after the crime, the perpetrators informed Fazili Munfarad’s mother where she could pick up the son’s body. Then the woman had to seek medical treatment.

Persecuted, tortured, and murdered

This behavior is not unique to Iran. For many years, homosexuals were persecuted, tortured, and eventually brutally murdered. The regime’s propaganda regularly spreads hate against them.

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