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Conflicts - A three-day ceasefire has begun in Afghanistan

Conflicts – A three-day ceasefire has begun in Afghanistan

A three-day ceasefire began in Afghanistan Thursday night. During the Eid holiday at the end of Ramadan, the guns are said to be silent. There were no reports of skirmishes or security incidents by the morning (local time).

A representative of the local authority from Helmand Province, in the south of the country, said that there had been no incidents in the region. However, in the past few weeks, many people have had to flee their villages and towns to the provincial capital to thank Jah, killing or wounding members of their families, so that there is no festive mood in Helmand.

A regional council from northern Kunduz said that sporadic battles broke out in the province until shortly before midnight. It has been quiet ever since. People flocked to the streets in the morning to celebrate an oath and a ceasefire.

Officials from Ghazni province, where fighting broke out recently in several areas, said the weather had been calm there as well since midnight. People were swearing, but they wanted a permanent ceasefire.

The hard-line Islamic Taliban announced a ceasefire at the end of last week. In response to the Islamists ’declaration, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani instructed the security forces to respect the ceasefire.

The last time there was heavy fighting in Afghanistan. With the start of the official withdrawal of US and NATO forces on May 1, the Taliban launched attacks in several provinces. The security forces tried to repel these attacks, and in some cases succeeded. However, two regions fell into the hands of the Islamists. Both sides said that they inflicted heavy losses on their opponents in the recent battles.

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