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Peter Bakholt (Austria Klagenfurt coach) after his promotion to the German Bundesliga:

“A big compliment from the team. The past two days have been very difficult for me.”

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In the second leg of relegation, Klagenfurt defeated SKN St Pölten 1-0 He moves to the German Bundesliga Tepico.

Game sounds on Sky Sport Austria.

Sboso SKN St. Pölten – SK Austria Klagenfurt 0: 1 (0: 0)
Referee: Harald Leichner

Peter Bakoult (SK Austria coach Klagenfurt):
After the match: “A great appreciation from the team. In the end it turned out that we ran on the last cylinder. The team resisted from start to finish, respect. The last two days were very difficult for me, mental cinema, because the result for me (…) 4-0, everyone talked about promotion. It’s very difficult to keep calm and lead the team because you know there is still the second match, and there are enough examples in football. That was the head of a big cinema. Maybe it would have been better if we won 1-0 or a score “Close to maintain the tension, but the team put it away dramatically. We focused again after the first game, now we are in the Bundesliga, Austria, Klagenfurt is where you belong.”

About Robert Ljubisic’s red mistake: “I hope it will never happen to him. It was negligence, and I hope that he responds to the league, and it cannot be ruled out by suspending the match. Completely unnecessary two minutes before the end and dangerous to health. I wish him all the best in Rapid. He’s a great player, but I hope it doesn’t happen to him himself. “

… about his future: “I know what is in my contract and that’s enough. It would be a big surprise if it doesn’t continue.”

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… before the match: “The team took it very professionally. From the first day of training, the team focused completely on the important second match. The players know exactly what happened in football. We have to accept the fight and not forget that we have to play football.” We have to be awake at scale from the first minute, use the spaces that will emerge and be smart enough to take advantage of them. “

Matthias Imhoff (Managing Director, SK Austria Klagenfurt):
… after the match: “We all chose it and it was definitely the right decision. Peter doesn’t have a contract at the moment, but we can resolve that relatively quickly. It was extreme, helped Innsbruck and then we thought we had a chance and assumed we had a 50:50 chance against St. Bolton. Grill will be detained, and now he stays safe with us. We do not want anything to do with the descent. As a climber it is difficult of course, we all know that. We have an exciting group, mentally and terrifying and personal. “

Thorsten Mahrer (SK Austria Klagenfurt):
After the match: “It was a great feeling, we never gave up and won promotion to the Bundesliga in the playoffs. When we act like this as a team we can hurt anyone. We are a great group that deserves to be promoted. The joy is great.”

Marcus Rusk (SK Austria Klagenfurt):
After the match: “Unbelievable, I don’t even know what to say. The first game was great and defended everything today. I wish the boys all the best, I did everything so they could rock the Bundesliga. I hope to follow. For me it’s over, I said.” From the start I will do everything for the team until the end. Now I am thrilled to have this score. “

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Marcus Pink (SK Austria Klagenfurt):
… after the match: “I had minor ankle problems, and classic, if something happens, I go back to my left ankle. At first it was very painful, I felt bad, the therapist did a great tape and after the final whistle it went half way. The pain is less. It was a very, very turbulent season, we wrote off a lot of people already, then it benefited us. Today the team was doing really well. “

Tony Pfeiffer (TV expert):
… about Austria Klagenfurt: “Austria Klagenfurt has a flawless quality and defense, and spaces are cramped here. Congratulations and thank God Pink didn’t cut himself so badly, that was a very heinous mistake. It was a very mature performance in both matches,” And the match schedule was 100 percent correct. Marcus Pink is definitely a striker in the Bundesliga, he really proved that in Matsburg. He did a lot of leg work today. It fits 100 percent in the Bundesliga and the goal proves that too. “

… about SKN: “I think officials should think about what this association stands for. Obviously in Admira, with good work with young talent earning a living. SKN should be clear about what it stands for. This knowledge needs to be found ASAP. It is possible to find the philosophy, and where to find a coach that fits the philosophy. The club should question itself. “

Before the match: “In St. Pölten, I lack the passion to play football. If you are not in good shape, you will find it difficult, your self-confidence is completely lost, but there is still a slight chance. You have to notice it from the first minute. Contributing factors too, loaned players who are not fully associated with the club. I did not want to be on top of my job card: loose. Then the veteran players have to take responsibility. Robert Ljubisic, since signing with Rapid, has been playing football without a body. He cannot. Playing that way at U18. He’s been with the club for so long that he has to lead by example. “

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