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A British boy should not be taken to hospice

After a failed struggle to get ventilator support for a 12-year-old diagnosed as brain dead in the UK, his parents also failed to try to get their son to a shelter. An appeals court in London last night rejected a parental appeal against a judge’s decision to refuse to transfer 12-year-old Archie. According to a Christian organization, life-sustaining measures will now be discontinued today.

With the organization’s support, Holly Dance and Paul Battersby exhausted legal avenues in a week-long legal battle to keep their son Archie alive against doctors’ advice. Recently, the European Court of Human Rights rejected an urgent request from the parents.

Yesterday, a judge denied the parents’ request to put Archie in a home. The High Court judge said it was in the boy’s “best interests” for him to remain at the Royal London Hospital while he was on resuscitation machines because his condition was too unstable to be transferred. “The authorities have denied all our wishes as a family,” the mother said after the sentencing.

Archie was found unconscious on April 7 and has not regained consciousness since. According to his mother, he apparently took part in a competition held on the Internet, which consisted in suffocating as long as possible.

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