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Activists disrupt campaign appearances for Johnson’s successor

Climate activists boycotted the appearance of candidates in the election campaign to succeed outgoing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Several members of Extinction Rebellion stormed the venue in Eastbourne, southern England, yelling “shame on you” at candidate Liz Truss before being ejected from the hall, the PA news agency reported.

Foreign Minister and Favorite Tross announced that as prime minister she would not tolerate such protests. People who work hard and do the right thing should not be bothered by “hardcore activists”.

REUTERS/Peter Nichols

Climate politics hardly plays a role in the party’s internal campaign. Although both of the remaining candidates committed themselves to the goal of climate neutrality, they left the field completely open for how to achieve it. Both want to push the controversial fracking process to produce natural gas. Truss wants to suspend green taxes for now, while rival Rishi Sunak opposes the expansion of onshore wind power.

Members of the Conservative Party can currently vote on which of the two will move to Downing Street in early September.

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