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A cat discovers expensive toys: ‘exactly what we need’

A cat discovers expensive toys: ‘exactly what we need’

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from: Lara Sabrina Keel

A curious explorer sleeps in the Orion caterpillar. However, his latest discovery could turn out to be the most expensive toy ever.

Cats are especially curious. They love to discover things and are always learning new things. Curiosity is vital to velvet paws, as through their exploratory behavior they discover new food sources and safe havens. But sometimes they also discover other interesting things, as this TikTok video shows. In it you can see the cat Orion, which is not only curious, but also looks a little technical. The only problem: his exploratory spirit could be too expensive for a lover.

A cat finds out about expensive toys: “Why is my electric bill so high?”

The wall-mounted thermostat catches the attention of the all-black cat. In the clip, Orion is trying to get to this interesting “thing”. He keeps his nose very close to the exciting technology, which he also likes to experience first-hand.

With its paws it explores the circulating function of the thermostat. And something happens: the screen suddenly turns yellow. Orion straightens more. It is thrilling for him to see what he can achieve with his claws as he turns the temperature up from 23 degrees to 24 degrees.

Cat discovers expensive toys: upgrade to avoid exploding costs

However, he does not seem satisfied with the new situation and quickly lowers the temperature again. The video says: “The cat has learned how to regulate its temperature. That’s exactly what we need.” So far, more than 840,000 users have watched the smart cat try out the thermostat. More than 64,000 users liked it.

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In some of the comments, users offer tips on how Orion owners can protect themselves from an expensive bill. Her advice is to “set up a password as a lock” or “move the furniture so he can’t reach the thermostat.” In the clip description, its owner then gives an update and reports that the thermostat is now locked and can only be operated via a smartphone. You write, “We’ll be fine until Orion learns how to use the phone.”

The TikTok community is celebrating the clever cat and his new toy. They share their thoughts with others in over 500 comments. Here is a small selection.

  • “Give him the heating bill.”
  • “Dad: Who turned the heat on? Kids: That was the cat. Dad: Stop blaming the cat. Cat: 😎.”
  • “Tell me again that cats aren’t smart.”
  • “If he can rent it, he can pay for it, too.”
  • “Why is the electric bill so high?”
  • “Cats are way smarter than people give them credit for!”
  • “The electric company must have bribed him.”