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Asteroid 2023 HP1: Bigger than Big Ben!  A 160-meter long piece of space is heading towards Earth today

Asteroid 2023 HP1: Bigger than Big Ben! A 160-meter long piece of space is heading towards Earth today

Giant asteroids regularly make their way to Earth. Most of these encounters are harmless. Next Sunday, the 160-meter-wide piece of asteroid 2023 HP1 will crash near Earth and could cause severe damage. That’s what NASA says.

Asteroids crossing Earth’s orbit is nothing unusual. Indeed, this happens regularly and in most cases is completely harmless to humanity, because space giants usually pass our planet at a great distance. But there are also those specimens that come dangerously close to Earth. The space agency maintains it NASA carefully to look at. After all, one of these giants could go off course and crash into the ground.

Asteroid 2023 HP1 on 05/07/2023 near Earth

This is one of those space segments asteroid 2023 horse power 1. This comes dangerously close to Earth on Sunday, May 7, 2023. The giant measures between 70 and 160 metres, making it larger in places than the London Eye in the English capital, which measures 135 metres. If the asteroid hits the Earth, it will cause massive damage. But the end of the world does not even threaten us on May 7, 2023, one day after the coronation of King Charles III. the “Daily Star” The asteroid was dubbed the “coronation asteroid” because of this circumstance.

Asteroid 2023 HP1 will pass Earth at a distance of 6.1 million km

If asteroid 2023 HP1 remains in its trajectory, it will pass our planet at a distance of 6.1 million km. But if it hits the ground, it can cause massive damage. Fortunately, this case is very unlikely. According to NASA, the next time asteroid 2023 HP1 will pass by Earth again will be in two and a half years.

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NASA is currently monitoring about 2,000 asteroids

The NASA team is currently tracking about 2,000 asteroids, comets, and other objects that could come close to Earth. Moreover, the space agency is constantly working on a project to avoid asteroid collisions in the future. Through a high-performance cannon, it is fired at an approaching asteroid, its trajectory is changed and humanity is saved.

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