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A fast way to becoming a mobility provider |  cars and economy

A fast way to becoming a mobility provider | cars and economy

A fast way to becoming a mobility provider

With several brands, rental and subscription models, e-bike retail, mobile service and now BoschCarService, MVC Motors is developing into a full-scale mobility service provider.


Mag explains. “We decided to differentiate ourselves,” said Alexander Bittner, managing director of MVC Motors, who set the course and implemented projects. MVC is already the largest Ford dealership in the country (all four locations) and also represents the Peugeot and Nissan (North Vienna and Vienna Simmering) brands as well as Fiat, Fiat Professional, Abarth, Alfa and Jeep (North Vienna and Brun).

In addition, significant developments towards a true mobility service provider have now taken place. “With Rent-a-Carl, we’ve built the car rental and subscription segment, which is developing very well,” says Bittner. With MVC Radfabrik, MVC is taking note of the strong trend towards e-bikes, which has received a new impetus with its cross-owner rental option. This means that MVC can also address existing vehicle fleet customers.

Fleet customers (as with other pilot companies Czeczelits, Motormobil, Lehr and Luckerbauer) are now serviced by “Ford Mobile Service” on the road or at companies on site.

Bittner managed the latest coup by implementing BoschCarService in locations in North Vienna and West Vienna. Thus, the company is improving efficiencies for its used car line, enhancing its offering to third-party brands and fleet customers, and “to all customers of all brands whose cars are already outside manufacturer warranties,” says Bittner.