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Beginning of the season for local vegetables at Spar

Beginning of the season for local vegetables at Spar

The local vegetable season has begun. Tyrolean farmers are now harvesting crispy radishes and light green onions. SPAR speeds up and puts the vitamin rich regional food on the shelves as soon as possible. The decades-old partnership between growers and SPAR ensures a smooth and speedy process so customers can enjoy spring vegetables as fresh as possible.

People care about freshness and short distances – Patricia Cipetavc, Managing Director of SPAR, says that local products from Tyrol are very important to our customers. “We are seeing that people are making sure that the added value remains more in the region and that fresh products are running without long transportation routes.”

The radishes and scallions are already available from Thaur’s vegetable grower Anton Giner, and the crunchy salads are soon to follow. In addition to tomatoes, there are currently also peppers and cucumbers from Bad Blumau in Styria on SPAR shelves. Austrian potatoes and carrots as well as Styrian apples are also on offer, along with regional classics such as cheese, milk, flour, jam, pasta, mineral water and hundreds of other products from Tyrol.

SPAR Tirol has a permanent selection of 2,341 of 154 Tyrolean products – and the trend towards more local grocery stores.

Fresh for over 25 yearsMeat from Austria – When it comes to meat, Spar also relies on local quality with its TANN production facility in Wörgl.

SPAR has been supplying 100% beef, veal and pork from Austria for over 25 years. Here, too, regional added value remains the order of the day, showing many collaborations between TANN and local farmers: whether it is the highest quality Tyrolean beef, Tyrolean veal or eastern mountain lamb: SPAR stands for local quality.

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