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A fight between tourists and waiters in St. Mark’s Square in Venice

A fight between tourists and waiters in St. Mark’s Square in Venice

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In Venice, a battle took place in St. Mark’s Square. © Boboruk/Twitter

Waiters and tourists exercise physically in Saint Mark’s Square. Video captures it all. The potential trigger is also known.

Venice – The beach city of Venice is popular and expensive. Millions of people flow every year through the narrow streets and along the numerous canals. From 2024, vacationers will have to pay an entrance fee for a day visit. While it’s usually only the pigeons in St. Mark’s Square that cause a stir, a real fight broke out in one of the cafés: tourists versus waiters, with fists and chairs.

Italy: Brawl in St. Mark’s Square in Venice – video shows the scenes

Let your gaze wander to St. Mark’s Square while you enjoy an iced coffee: Venice has its own charms and charms. On September 21, not everyone present was able to enjoy such a peaceful moment. Because there was a heated argument in broad daylight at the Gran Caffè Chioggia. As the video shows, a number of waiters clashed with some tourists, and four of them were involved, according to media reports.

It wasn’t just fists flying. The waiters also tried to help with chairs. It looks like they literally want to kick holidaymakers out of the cafe. When the situation had calmed down, one of the employees struck again.

Quarrel in St. Mark’s Square in Venice: what was the background?

Apparently the restaurant staff did not allow the tourists access to the toilet because they had not consumed anything. This is what the Italian newspaper said La Nova Venezia As a trigger for combat. Then the guests became violent. “I don’t think we’ve ever seen such scenes in St. Mark’s Square before,” city council member Sebastiano Costalonga told reporters. Tri antenna. He also alluded to the “rudeness of some tourists.”

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Italy generally takes strict measures. Some rules also apply in Venice. If this is not followed, it can become very expensive for the vacationers. There is a risk of penalties of up to 500 euros. However, the four tourists involved in the fighting did not cover themselves with fame in front of the locals. (MBR)