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A fold was spotted in pixels in the subway

A fold was spotted in pixels in the subway

Google It has been said to have been working on a smartphone in its Pixel series for some time, which is said to have a foldable screen. But in 2021, work on it has stopped for the time being, according to informed sources.

Recently, however, leaks have appeared, showing images Google Pixel Fold It must appear. Now the smartphone has also been seen in public for the first time – allegedly. A dispute over the photos erupted on Reddit and on social networks.

a Reddit user They released the photos and swore they were the Pixel Fold. Many other users are skeptical. Some even make fun of him. Because the images are blurry and show little detail, they compare the images to those of UFO sightings. A user sarcastically asks a Reddit poster if he learned to shoot on a mission to find Bigfoot.

Google Pixel Fold

The photographer justifies himself. Because the photos were taken in the New York subway and he zoom You have, the quality is not good. He also didn’t want the supposed Pixel Fold owner to notice.

Other users are asking how to tell from these photos that it’s a Pixel Fold instead of another foldable phone. Others even doubt it, because the screen or the folding mechanism is not visible in any of the photos.

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The guy on the subway could be a Google employee

The photographer also has an explanation for that. He has already seen the back of the device. Those have one Featured camera module, which looks like the leaked display images. The frame of the device is also identical. In addition, the owner of the fold will receive it intentionally cover the frame, so you don’t see the folding mechanism. He also climbed into the subway at the station that was New York Google site he. Therefore, the person is suspected to be a Google employee who is testing the device.

All of this is not proof, but it at least seems plausible. Google, like other technology companies, often allows its employees to test its products before announcing them. One user also sees this as an explanation as to why the frame is “hidden”. A Google employee will deliberately try to cover the antennas to see if the smartphone is on the subway lose reception. Others think the images are genuine, but expect Google to intentionally leak the device for your protection hype to generate.

In any case, the timing of the leak would speak volumes for this theory. Google allegedly wants to introduce the Pixel Fold in the first half of 2023. A possible opportunity to do so would be Google Interior Gallery IO. The keynote will be held on May 10, 2023.