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Level 5 Fantasy Life Online Available in the West starting tomorrow • JPGAMES.DE

Level 5 Fantasy Life Online Available in the West starting tomorrow • JPGAMES.DE

the story around Fantasy Live Online Level 5 is a bit tricky. In October we received news that Boltrend Games is still using RPGs for mobile devices Bring it to the west Wants. The waiting period of years ends.

Shortly thereafter, there was a severe setback from Japan, because Level 5 discontinued service in Japan on December 15 after just over three years. What does that mean for publication in the West? Boltrend Games are anyway unaffected and have a spread in the West December 7th Puts. You can find the game in google apps and in App Store.

Fantasy Life Online was originally released for mobile devices in Japan in July 2018. The game has an eventful development history – like some level 5 games. In 2015, the title, then called Fantasy Life 2, was announced for smartphones and is also supposed to appear that year. A year later, the role-playing game was renamed Fantasy Life Online and was delayed several times.

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In Fantasy Life Online, “life” is understood as a character category. There are a total of twelve, divided into three classes: fighters, collectors and craftsmen. Depending on the selected ‘Life’, your gaming experience will change accordingly. You can experience adventures alone or with others, live with friends in the village, collect materials, craft equipment and – of course – defeat impressive opponents.

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