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A fury storm on the red card!  The referee justifies himself - football

A fury storm on the red card! The referee justifies himself – football

SK Sturm Graz leaves Vienna on Sunday with mixed feelings.

On the one hand, you can be proud of the fact that you managed to snatch a point from Hütteldorf despite your hourly outperformance over the Rapid Wien.Match report >>>), But on the other hand, sacking Kelvin Yebuah in the 39th minute of the match caused a lot of headaches after the final whistle for a long time.

After a confrontation with speedy goalkeeper Richard Stribinger outside Rapid 16, the angry striker, who was one of the best on the field until the time of elimination, had to vacate his place on the field – much to the dismay of the team. Grazing.

Sturm coach Christian Elzer said, describing the scene as “Sky” after the match: “Yeboah, who has played a great game so far, catches the ball, just looks at the ball. Stribinger comes out and collides.” .

The fact that it was a mistake by his pupil is indisputable for Ilzer, but the decision to show red is unjustified to Styrian: “You have to say it was a dangerous game from Yeboah. For me an obvious wrong decision, with a maximum of a yellow map.”

Jantscher questions judgment arguments

Jacob Gancher, who was asked to comment right after the final whistle, was not satisfied with the referee’s decision, Stefan Ebner. “What bothers me is the logic of the judgment. He told us he hit him in the head with his foot. I didn’t see him, but I don’t think it was like this.”

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Even after re-examining the scene, Jantscher stuck his point. “He’s brutal, that’s right. I don’t think he hit him with his sole in the face. That’s a wrong argument for me.”

Referee Ebner: “I’ll make the same decision again.”

This Stephan Ebner will also answer post-match questions on “Sky,” citing his decision to refer to red, but not necessarily the same reasons Jantscher gave.

“Yeboah accepts the opponent goalkeeper’s injury with his attack. We are in the zone of excessive hardship. Strebinger plays the ball far with his head, just as Yeboah got into a duel, the fight is no longer for the ball. The risk of the goalkeeper’s injury was too great,” the referee describes the scene.

Later, the referee will make the same decision and send Yeboah off the field. “After looking at the picture, I’ll make up my mind again this way.”

Strebinger: “goalkeepers must be protected”

“One of the referees’ focus is always protecting the players. You can argue, Strebinger was able to continue playing. If Strebinger was executed on a stretcher, everyone would say the red card was fine due to an injury. But I judge that Offense and this was not a game. Dangerous for me, it was excessive suffering, “he adds.

Richard Strebinger is a big supporter of Ebner’s interpretation, which calls for more protection for goalkeepers. “Internationally, but also in Austria, there is a feeling that if a goalkeeper leaves the penalty area, it will be his mistake if something happens. Of course, I am on the side of the pro goalkeeper. I think the goalkeepers should be protected in such a situation. With the extended case, I cannot complain if I get a red card. “

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Abner also on the whistle without a penalty kick

Referee Ebner, however, was not only the focus of attention in the 39th minute of the match. Also in the second half, the referee angered the Grazers’ team when he whistled again against Sturm in a controversial penalty shootout decision.

With Quinn and Kiteishvili, two Grazers went to the ground in the Rapid penalty area in the 62nd minute, especially the second entry from Stojkovic against Kiteishvili, according to “Blackies” that should have resulted in a penalty whistle.

But even in this case, referee Ebner completely stands by his decision, which has already been made on the field. “I was right next to her. Stojkovic clearly played the ball beforehand, and there’s a call later. But for me, it’s a fight for the ball. Here too, I’d say I’ll make the same decision again.”

Naturally Ilzer would have a different opinion on this matter as well. “If Quinn misses, I will say you can leave her. If Kiteishvili misses, you can definitely discuss our first penalty kick in the 25th match.”

Elzer: “Outnumbered the most dangerous team”

The rest is a game where Sturm has found a number of chances despite outnumbering him, but you still have to be satisfied with the point that points to better or worse.

“I think it’s a shame,” said Yancher. “The red card spoiled the game. If we had finished eleven people, we would have gotten more. We played a good game, even when we were outnumbered.”

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“The longer the match lasted, the better we controlled it, until the referee intercepted and changed the match dramatically,” said Elzer, describing the first half. The coach feels more satisfied with the second half of his team.

“We got out of the break and said we wanted to put a loophole. We played for a goal, we dared to score a goal even when we outnumbered. That made my team special. I think we were on a more dangerous team,” Elzer said: “We deserved this point too much. “.

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