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Werder Bremen live box against BVB in Dortmund! | Tor-Fest LIVE!

Werder Bremen vs Borussia Dortmund in the live tape: all the goals, news and information from the German league match against BVB – all live in the DeichStube live tape! Current score 3: 1.

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38. Minimum: The starting point of the goal is a very poor pass from Friedel. The ball then lands on the wing with Rina, who pulls into the middle, plays flat and then becomes very unhappy. Von Möhwald’s playing equipment jumps unfortunately in front of Haaland’s feet, who he just has to push in. That was pure slapstick.

38th minute: It hurts! Dortmund score 3-1! Haaland sets up a double pack!

36. Minimum: Dortmund does not think about taking your foot off the gas pedal. BVB collections look well thought out and more uniform over time.

34th minute: Haaland starts and hits the net without humor. Pavlenka jumps into the wrong corner! Dortmund turned the game around within five minutes – the score was 2: 1.

33. Minimum: Don’t go any further for Bittencourt. Schmid takes his place.

32. Minimum: Penalty kick for Dortmund! Mohald kicks Reus on the heel from the back – the right decision!

31. Minimum: How did Bremen residents react? They can no longer rest on the tour. On the other hand, Dortmund continues as before and pushes Werder into his own half.

29. Minimum: Dortmund goal! and what. The BVB gathered excellently in front of the 16th. There Mori finds Rina, who cleverly places the ball on his right foot and simply pulls it. Its score reaches the upper right corner – Pavlenka flies for free! It is 1: 1.

27. Minimum: Bettencourt hurts! It sits briefly on the lawn and is briefly treated. As a precaution, Schmid has prepared, but Bettencourt is back on the field for now. We are watching.

25. Minimum: What is Werder doing there? After losing the ball, it heads very quickly towards the Dortmund Square area. But Egstein is slowing down from meter to meter. Before sixteen, he runs out of breath and pushes play equipment to the side of Bittencourt, who shuts off straight and gets banned. There was definitely more to that!

22. Minimum: A little fun fact on the side: Dortmunds play in an old shirt, which supposedly reminds us of winning the Champions League in 1997, and that shirt brought the online store to a halt.

20 minutes: Friedel sacrifices himself on the sidelines in a duel with Morey. With his intervention, the man from Bremen not only stops the winger, but also gets a kick as he shoots in Dortmund.

17. Minimum: The hosts act relatively unmoved and keep the ball in their ranks. Werder is doing well so far. Defensively, guests seldom allow anything.

Werder Bremen vs BVB in the live tape: Milot Rachika scores surprising lead!

14. Minimum: Werder are doing this really smartly! Hummels can only pass a break from his half with a header in Eternal’s feet. Bremer turns quickly and sends Rachika down. The wing rider escapes from his pursuers and conquers the heat from an acute angle – a powerful goal!

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14.Min: Tooooooooooooor! Werder Bremen 1-0 ahead of Borussia Dortmund!

10 minutes: The Next Mistake by Bittencourt. The guy from Bremen takes a very slow step and kicks Reina in the heel in the back. Moisander removes the due criterion for a throw-in.

8. Minimum: With the exception of goalkeeper Hitz, every Dortmund team is half the opponent. However, it doesn’t get really dangerous. Werder’s five-man series is safe.

5. Minimum: Surprise! The Green Whites finish the game for the first time. The Green Whites can quickly counter to Rachika. The winger places the ball in front of the penalty area in favor of Bettencourt, who withdraws from the second row. The heat to the corner dislodges the landing fuse.

3 minutes: Bittencourt fouls Bellingham in half the field. Reus stands next to him and pulls his play equipment to the second post. A high cross is not causing Pavlinka any problems – before Haaland catches the ball, the Czech will surely catch it.

2 minutes: The side of the house shows from the start who is the favorite. Dortmund keeps the ball in its ranks and tries slowly but surely to put itself forward. Werder takes a very compact approach and doesn’t try to offer any rooms.

Werder Bremen vs BVB in the live tape: kick-off in Dortmund!

1 minute: The ball is finally rolling – the game begins in Dortmund!

3:25 p.m.: Teams still stand in the catacombs – and they’ll be out at any moment.

3:17 PM: Even if the hosts play a bad season in the Bundesliga by their standards, they can secure their chance of winning the Champions League. Finally, the direct competition failed (Frankfurt 4: 0 vs Gladbach / Wolfsburg 2: 3 vs Bayern). With victory, black and yellow will have only four points over Eintracht from Frankfurt, who is fourth on the table.

3.10 p.m.: Let’s take a look at the referee’s squad: Referee Bastian Dunkert of Rostock is supported on the sidelines by his assistants Renee Rudd and Marcus Hacker. While Timo Girach plays the fourth referee, Daniel Seibert takes his place as a video assistant in the VAR basement.

3:05 PM: Among other things, the Werder coach hints at the incredible speed of the Norwegian. Last weekend against Stuttgart, Haaland set a new season record with a speed of 36.04 km / h. For comparison: against RB Leipzig, no Bremen man had a fill of 33 km / h.

3:03 PM: “Against Dortmund, it’s very important to be brave in possession,” coach Kohfeldt explains to his Sky teammates. The Green Whites must participate in duels early and avoid situations with Haaland in their own penalty area beforehand.

2:53 PM: Let’s not be too negative, let’s stress the positivity with a victory werder that could jump the table. Not only will they beat TSG Hoffenheim by 3 points (32 points, 12th), but they will also join Augsburg, who is 11th with 33 points and a -13 goal difference. By winning away from home, Werder was taking the lead due to the better goal difference (currently -11).

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2:51 PM: If the Whites cannot stop their negative trend in the league and lose again, they would score their negative record for the club with a fifth consecutive defeat.

2.49 p.m.: Thus, Rios also met in the first half of the season with a 2–1 victory for Borussia. The match was also Eden Terzic’s debut in the Bundesliga as head coach.

2.46 m: Guests from Weser should pay special attention to Marco Reus. It appears that Captain Dortmund loves to play against the Green Whites. Reus scored 14 goals in 18 Bundesliga matches against Werder. In addition, the 31-year-old has scored in his last 5 Bundesliga matches.

2.43 m: By the way, anyone who wonders why Niklas Volkrug is not in the team – we have the answer: after the last training session, the Bremen team decided that the potential mission was meaningless.

2.42 m: In contrast, Mbom, Ago, Dinky, Silk and Sargent have to sit on the bench. Additionally, Toprak is missing due to an injury (torn calf muscle fibers).

2.35 p.m.: Let’s take a look at the Green Egg lineup: Kohfeldt changes to six jobs compared to RB. Velikovic, Mohawald, Rashika, Bettencourt, Egstein and Osako have been there from the start.

2.34 pm: Dortmund bank looks like this: Burke, Scholes, Bishchik, Hazard, Renner, Kahn, Meunier, Tegis, Knauf.

2.33 pm: The following players are seated on the bench at Green-Whites: Zetterer, Augustinsson, Agu, Schmid, Mbom, Bargfrede, Selke, Sargent, and Dinkci. Yes, you read it right! Philip Bargfried Back with the Werder pros!

Werder Bremen vs BVB in the live tape: the squad is in!

2:28 PM: And Dortmunders did not take long: Hits – Morey, Hamills, Akanji, Guerrero – David, Bellingham, Brandt – Reina, Haaland, Rios.

2:27 PM: This is how Florian Kohfeldt lets you play: Pavlenka – Gebri Selassie, Velikovich, Gross, Moisander, Friedel-Egstein, Mohwald, Bettencourt-Osako, Rachika.

2:24 PM: After the 1: 4 defeat to RB Leipzig and the fourth consecutive defeat in the Bundesliga, Werder Bremen wants to get back on the right track.

2.20 pm: Friends, welcome! The green whites visit Borussia Dortmund today. What do you think of another victory in the Bundesliga today?

Dortmund / Bremen – The SV Werder Bremen I am Live-Ticker against Borussia Dortmund. Bundesliga match vs. BVB It is today at 3:30 pm in Dortmund, Liveticker It starts here around 2.30pm with the starting line-ups for both teams! everybody ripNews and information are available here – it’s all at Liveticker The DeichStube!

Werder Bremen in Dortmund v. BVB – initial report:

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Florian Kohfeldt, Werder Bremen coach before the Borussia Dortmund match: “Count on the strongest player in the league”

The first leg of the game Borussia Dortmund – to Werder Bremen It’s Sunday (3:30 pm local time) DeichStube* –LivetickerThe first three matches in just seven days, and the coaches ended Florian Kohfeldt I’d like to take a more relaxed look at the Bundesliga table.

“It could be a very crucial week for us if we take a step after that,” said the 38-year-old, who was aware of this prior to the clashes against Mainz (April 21) and Union Berlin (April 24) on Dortmund Particularly difficult task on SV Werder Bremen waiting. “I count on the strongest BVBThis is there because if they still want to look forward to places in the Champions League, they have to win every match. ” Florian Kohfeldt.

Werder Bremen vs Borussia Dortmund: Florian Kohfeldt warns Dortmund at the best level

It occupies fifth place in the table Borussia Dortmund Away from their demands this season. Six days before the end of the season, the lead with Eintracht Frankfurt fourth was already seven points. For its mathematical features Coach team Eden Terzic Because it was more in the first division that ended during the week in the quarter-finals against Manchester City. “You performed very well against City and ended up losing because of an unfortunate referee,” he said. Florian Kohfeldt. This was also the case in the first leg BVB “Stole a goal.” The conclusion of the coach from SV Werder Bremen: “You were very unhappy and were eliminated by the best team in the world. You know what awaits us at the weekend.”

Werder Bremen sees an opportunity against Dortmund: Florian Kohfeldt calls for a “disgusting defense” against Borussia Dortmund

Florian Kohfeldt He expects an opponent who will reach the limit, but doesn’t see his Bremer without a chance. Of course we have an idea. First stop ( BVB Won 2-1 in Bremen, Editor’s Note. Red.) It was very, very close, in fact a draw, ”recalls the coach – and demands:“ We have to defend very disgustingly and aggressively in Dortmund, thus depriving them of their desire to use the rooms that they definitely offer. Use. “In the past , Werder Bremen And the Borussia Dortmund Gripping duels are often handled. Kohfield does not attach great importance to continuing this Sunday. “This time I was going to play a boring match 1-0.” (Dco) * It is a joint project of Kreiszeitung Media Group, Weser Kurier Media Group and a presentation from IPPEN.MEDIA.

Werder Bremen vs Borussia Dortmund: So you can watch the Dortmund match live on TV and in the live broadcast a look! The SV Werder Bremen squad vs BVB: Yuya Osako in the starting line-up?