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A great conclusion to the Harley-Davidson Charity Tour |  a look!

A great conclusion to the Harley-Davidson Charity Tour | a look!

Anniversary party closing of the 25th Harley-Davidson Charity Tour

Welcome words from the Federal President d. The Harley-Davidson Charity Tour (HDCT) Anniversary Celebration was inaugurated by Alexander van der Bellen on November 12 at the Vienna City Hall with the motto “We are Legend”. And the slogan says it all, because ladies and gentlemen, the people behind the organization are, in fact, legends. The classic and legendary Harley Davidson brand with its casual biker image speaks for itself, along with HDCT’s heart mission to help children with muscle disorders and their families, a charitable experience like no other.

Thanks to the successful tour in the summer of 2022, which saw two particularly important stops and the collaboration with the Lake Morbisch Festival and the European Bike Week at Lake Wacker See in Carinthia, as well as thanks to the many donors and private guests at the final donation amount of €284,260 will be announced. euro. These donations flow directly and non-bureaucratically to children and their families affected by muscular diseases such as Spinal Muscular Atrophy. A large part of the donation will be sent to affected families via the Emergency Aid Fund with Mag Michael Thaler, Managing Director of Licht ins Dunkel.

The “legendary” motto of the anniversary party is underlined in many ways through spectacular performances and appearances, such as the live appearance by Bill Davidson, grandson of Harley-Davidson’s founder, Straight from America. Highlights of the evening, in addition to a film screening of the 25th Christian Guttmann Charity Tour, included the two performances by the great “Udo Tribute Band”, personally authorized by Udo Jürgens, under the direction of Gert Prix, who also spontaneously recorded a song with Mörbisch- The artistic director Alphonse Haider performed live on stage as well as the powerful performance of the percussion ensemble “Mit Leib und Seele” by Klaus Liebitch.

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The Harley-Davidson Charitable Project makes an important contribution to research into muscular dystrophy and support for affected children and youth. We are very pleased that we are still able to do this successfully after more than 24 years”, emphasizes the President of the Harley-Davidson Charitable Fund, Peter Ritzel, and at the same time thanks his colleagues on the Board of Directors, Vice President Dieter Baer and Treasurer Gunther Rove for their support. The fund has been able to successfully complete more than 50 projects this year, thus helping the affected families in particular. Among other things, treatments, voice-controlled computers, car conversions, and wheelchair-accessible bathrooms have been funded.

In addition, as part of the ceremony, ‘Charity Awards’ were presented to some of the active supporters inside and outside the organization. Among others, the honorees were Dieter Postener (Festival Director), Alphonse Haider (General Director) and Kamel Seefestspiele Mörbisch, who have become active and valuable supporters of the cause.

On the occasion of our founding anniversary, we were able to honor the great commitment of individuals who put so much strength, energy and work in the service of a good cause, supporting children and young people with muscle disorders,” Peter Reitzel sums it up, before the success of HDCT 2022 will be celebrated again at one of the big after-show parties.