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Will Viola become the new leader?

Will Viola become the new leader?

In the clip: Viola – “I’m beautiful and I still think I’m the coolest!”

Viola stands out with her outstanding performance

Pink mullet has always been a top candidate as the viola model. This particular look is exactly what impressed Heidi right from the start: “I’m a big fan of you because you’re so different,” the model boss enthuses. Viola initially attracted attention with her lively looks and personality, but now she’s talking about the city for her best performance week after week. He has awakened the ambition of the 21-year-old and it seems unstoppable now.

It wasn’t like that from the start. “At the time I signed up here, I was uncomfortable with being photographed,” Viola said in an interview with RED. to. Originally she wanted to enjoy her participation in “The Next German Supermodel”. At the same time, Viola has other ambitions. This is reflected in her performance and is rewarded: In Episode 7, guest judge Coco Rocha names Viola as her favourite.

Crazy transformation impresses competition

Other models have long noticed that the Viola is a strong competitor that should not be underestimated. Martina especially admires Viola’s unique personality: “Because on the one hand she seems a little alternative, very individual and at the same time very, very ambitious,” explains the 50-year-old. Other women also admired Viola’s sophistication. While their poses seemed precarious, skinny, and uncontrollable at the start of the season, they are now almost unrecognizable. “When you see her walking now, you think, ‘Wow, what kind of transformation has there been in the last few weeks?'” Model candidate Lina says of Viola’s transformation.

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Extraordinarily emotional – Viola faces a setback in Episode 7

While Viola’s performance continues to increase, she had to deal with a severe setback in Episode 7. Her typical villa reference character, Julia, didn’t make it to the next round. The 21-year-old is deeply upset by the news of the expulsion and is more emotional than ever. Now it’s all about dealing with that disappointment as quickly as possible. Week 8 of “Germany’s Next Top Model” will show whether Viola will be able to stay on the path to success.

You can watch ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’ every Thursday at 8:15pm on ProSieben and auf Gwen.

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