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A great photo showing a rocket being launched from space

A great photo showing a rocket being launched from space

After a long break it is mega SpaceX rocket It launched into orbit with a secret payload last week. beginning of the Falcon Heavy It was as successful as landing the reusable boosters.

The rocket launch can also be observed from space. So one High definition camerainstalled on the International Space Station SpaceX Heavy Launch Cloud photographed. The adorable footage was posted on Twitter.

Stunning photos of the booster landing

The Falcon Heavy launch has also been observed and recorded from all possible viewpoints from Earth. Especially a drone video that shows Synchronous drop View two enhancements that make for amazing visuals.

Equally fascinating is a video in which boosters are used From take off to landing you can see.

Falcon Heavy is no longer the most powerful rocket

Of all the missiles currently in service, the Falcon Heavy has been the most popular until recently The most powerful missile the scientist. The SpaceX rocket had to give up that title in November 2022 when it was SLS missile NASA lifted towards the moon.

However, Elon Musk’s aerospace company could soon reclaim that title. Because that SpaceX spacecraft It is already on the launch pad, awaiting the first test flight into Earth orbit.

upper rocket stageship 24” on me “reinforcement 7Together they reach approx 120 metres. This makes the Starship rocket larger than NASA’s legendary Saturn V.

A trip to orbit soon

It is unclear when the test flight will take place and depends on the flight suspension Static fire tests Away. For the first time, everyone should 33 Raptor engines of reinforced flames simultaneously. All six of the ship’s 24 engines were successfully tested in September.

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The giant rocket could take off for the first time at the end of February at the earliest. For the first flight into orbit, Booster 7 is planned shortly after launch The Gulf Of Mexico the fall. Ship 24 is designed to orbit around and near the globe Hawaii Back to earth.