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Nintendogs restart?  Nintendo’s patent gives hope

Nintendogs restart? Nintendo’s patent gives hope

Nintendo DS fans will remember playing with Nintendogs virtual dogs. There hasn’t been a new game since 2011, so will that change soon?


Nintendo has several currently dormant tokens, including Nintendo gs. Not much going on in this game except taking care of virtual dogs. They can learn tricks and there were a lot of things to unlock as the game progresses. Nintendogs + Cats It was the last title in the series and was released in 2011 for the Nintendo DS. Since then it has been quiet. Nintendogs for the Nintendo Switch Many fans can certainly imagine, it seems that the time is almost up.

Why are there no Nintendogs for the Nintendo Switch? Good question, because the console has a touch screen. So all that is required of the gameplay mechanics. However, it cannot be used on the docking station. So Nintendo has to find a way to make the game multifunctional. Pet dogs with Joy-Con? lower quality.

Nintendo patent raises hopes for Nintendogs for Switch

on me Recent patent indicates that Nintendo wants to revitalize the popular franchise. With the help of the new AR technology for smartphones. Patent documents show a dog projected into a living room using augmented reality technology. There is a button called “Place”. According to this, Nintendo can bring virtual dogs back to life using this technology.

So the new Nintendogs could be a mix of AR and Switch game for smartphones. You always have your virtual dog with you, take him for a walk or learn new tricks from him in the park. In Switch, you take care of your physical health, kennel equipment or care. It is conceivable that Nintendo could take this route.

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The spiritual successor is already available for the Switch console

It was already published in 2019 Little friends: dogs and cats. It is basically similar to Nintendogs game that was released years ago. The pet simulator video game was first released in Japan at the end of 2018 and also in our country on May 28, 2019.

Little Friends: Dogs and Cats - Nintendog Alternative

Little Friends: Dogs and Cats – (C) Toys sold out

The title features a variety of puppies and kittens to interact with. Playing, feeding, stroking and even dressing the virtual pet are among the main tasks of the game. The game is pretty sketchy, so “real” Nintendogs fans weren’t entirely convinced.

Time will tell if Nintendo will actually introduce a Switch or smartphone variant (or a combination of the two) of the Nintendogs. In fact, the “girl” demanded Paris Hilton Nintendogs as a smartphone app Already in 2018!