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A kitten had to be rescued from a Pepsi machine in Morristown (USA).

A kitten had to be rescued from a Pepsi machine in Morristown (USA).

Special rescue operation by firefighters in Morristown (USA). A kitten got stuck in a Pepsi machine and was freed.

The essentials in a nutshell

  • In Morristown (USA), the fire brigade had to save a kitten.
  • The kitten got lost in the Pepsi machine and couldn’t get out on its own.
  • However, the boy is fine after the rescue operation.

Generally should Cats Rescued by firefighters from burning houses or trees.

But this is the same Cat baby In Morristown, Tennessee, the US state was probably very bored, so she sat down at a Pepsi machine. But how does it work?

Firefighters must have been asking themselves this question when they got an emergency call last week. Lindsay Russell was on the line when the fire department needed to rescue a kitten.

Firefighters had to rush in to help the Walmart employee after trying for so long to free the kitten. This was reported by USA Today.

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First, firefighters unscrewed and removed the entire back cover of the machine. Still, no sign of a meow ball of fur. However, after a while, they managed to find another opening through which the kitten could be pulled out.

After the rescue operation Lindsay Russell decided to take the girl with her. Her name is currently unknown.

The firemen there had a funny idea for the name Pepsi.

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