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Ford stock: More than 100,000 cars recalled in US due to fires 09.07.22

Ford, America’s second-largest automaker, has had to repair a large number of vehicles due to fire hazards.

According to its own reports on Friday, the group is recalling 100,000 Lincoln Corsair, Ford Escape and Maverick hybrid cars in the U.S. with model years from 2020 to 2022. Ford warns of fire hazards under the hood due to oil leaks and fuel vapors in the event of engine damage. However, the team is not aware of any accidents related to the issue.

Additionally, Ford on Friday announced an expansion of the US recall of the SUV Expedition and Lincoln Navigator by about 27,000 cars to 66,000 units from May. It’s all about the fire hazards under the hood — which, according to Ford, exist even when vehicles are parked with the engine switched off. So vehicle owners should not park near buildings. There have now been 21 reported fires related to the Ford defect. The car manufacturer also knows about the injured person./hbr/DP/stw

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