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A landslide in southern France disrupts train services

A landslide in southern France disrupts train services

Status: 08/28/2023 at 4:34 PM

After a landslide, train traffic in the French Alps became possible only to a limited extent. Regional flights in Savoy and trains between Chambery and Turin in Italy will be canceled until at least Wednesday.

And in southern France, a landslide paralyzed part of the rail and road traffic near the Italian border.

The French Deputy Minister of Transport Clement Bonne wrote on Twitter successor X. It will take a few days to return to normal life.

Currently, there are no trains running between Chambery, France, and Turin, Italy, as well as on many regional train lines. SNCF said the outage would continue until at least Wednesday.

The Fréjus Tunnel is closed to trucks

The county announced the closure of the affected country road and the adjacent highway. The Fréjus Tunnel between France and Italy is closed to vehicles over 3.5 tons in both directions. Heavy vehicles have to take a turn.

A huge cloud of dust was seen in images of the landslide on Sunday. French authorities said several boulders, each about 700 cubic meters in size, hit a protective structure. According to the SNCF, more landslides occurred Monday night.

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