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Will Idalia Become a Hurricane?: An unpredictable tropical storm is heading for Florida

Will Idalia Become a Hurricane?: An unpredictable tropical storm is heading for Florida

Will Idalia become a hurricane?
An unexpected tropical storm is heading for Florida

It came, how, is still open. Florida prepares for the arrival of Tropical Storm Idalia. It is currently moving through parts of Mexico. Wind speed and precipitation are still possible, but the outlook for Florida isn’t entirely clear.

And due to the approach of a tropical storm with the possibility of turning into a hurricane, the US Hurricane Warning Center (NHC) warns of “life-threatening storms” on the west coast of the US state of Florida. Tropical Storm Idalia could cause an “increased risk of life-threatening storm surge and hurricane-force winds” along Florida’s west coast and northwest tip starting Tuesday, the National Hurricane Center said.

Tropical Storm “Idalia” struck the Caribbean on Sunday evening, with wind speeds of about 65 kilometers per hour and blanketing southeastern Mexico with wind and rain. According to meteorologists, it is unlikely to make landfall there.

The people of the state of Quintana Roo, along with the coastal city of Cancun, a destination for tourists, felt its effects in the form of rain and wind. The storm is expected to sweep through the Gulf of Mexico before reaching northwest Florida.

While heavy rains are expected in parts of the Yucatan region of eastern Mexico and western Cuba, the National Hurricane Center has issued storm and hurricane warnings for parts of the Florida coast. The National Hurricane Center said isolated flooding was expected. Thus model predictions of storm intensity are “quite different”. These cases range from “minor to severe hurricane status,” the National Hurricane Center added.

Tropical Pacific Storm Hillary recently swept through California. In the end, the damage was less serious than expected.

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