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A major Russian drone attack was repelled

A major Russian drone attack was repelled

The Ukrainian military said it repelled a large-scale Russian attack with combat drones on Sunday evening.

The Ukrainian Air Force announced in the morning that 35 out of 39 Russian drones had been intercepted. “I thank everyone who achieved this result,” Air Force Commander Mykola Oleschuk wrote on his Telegram channel. According to the army, an enemy drone struck an industrial building in the Odessa region in the south. No one is hurt. A transmission line was damaged in the Mykolaiv region. Iranian-designed Shahed drones were launched from the Russian coast of the Sea of ​​Azov and from the Crimean Peninsula, which it annexed. According to military information, Russia also fired four reused S-300 anti-aircraft missiles at ground targets in the Kharkiv and Donetsk regions.

Attack on the Russian village

A woman was killed in a Ukrainian attack on the village of Kulbaki in the Russian Kursk region, according to what the regional governor there, Roman Starovoit, announced. Starwit said on Telegram that her husband was seriously injured. The couple's residential building caught fire as a result of the bombing. Another house in the village was damaged and some electricity was cut off. As Starovoit also said, a Ukrainian drone crashed into a fuel depot and caught fire.

Kursk Oblast is located on the border with Ukraine. There and other border areas are witnessing repeated bombings, which the Russian side accuses of the Ukrainian armed forces or pro-Ukrainian saboteurs of committing. Leadership in Kiev usually does not comment on such incidents. Ukraine has been repelling the Russian invasion for more than two years, thus attacking the attackers' supply facilities on Russian territory. (APA/DPA/Reuters)

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