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Russia announces the downing of the Ukrainian fighter plane

Russia announces the downing of the Ukrainian fighter plane

The Ministry of Defense in Moscow announced that the Russian Armed Forces shot down a Ukrainian fighter plane. The state news agency reported that a MiG-29 aircraft was the one that struck over the Donetsk region RIA Novosti.

The air defense in the city of Taganrog in southern Russia on the Sea of ​​Azov reported repelling a massive drone attack on Saturday evening. Car traffic over the Qurum Bridge was temporarily halted.

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47 drones belonging to the “Ukrainian regime” were shot down in four Russian regions

The Ukrainian authorities did not comment on whether their forces had lost any combat aircraft in recent days.

According to the Ministry of Defense in Moscow, 47 drones belonging to the “Ukrainian regime” were shot down in a total of four Russian regions. Ukraine also reported Russian drone attacks again. She added that the country's air defense destroyed 12 out of 15 drones.

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41 attacks in the Rostov region

The head of the military administration of the Kherson region, Oleksandr Prokudin, said on Facebook that two people were killed and two others were injured in Russian bombing in the Kherson region in recent days. Four high-rise buildings and 30 private homes were damaged. A medical facility, port infrastructure, two administrative buildings, a kindergarten and gas pipelines were also hit, and nine other civilians were injured in the Donetsk region. The information provided by both sides cannot be independently verified.

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According to Russian information, the Rostov region in southern Russia near the Ukrainian border was particularly affected this time, as 41 attacks alone were recorded. Several drones were also destroyed as they approached the city of Morozovsk, about 230 kilometers from the regional capital Rostov-on-Don.

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Drone debris hits the roof of the hospital

The governor of the Rostov region, Vasily Golubev, said on his Telegram channel that the consequences of the attack on Taganrog are still being evaluated. An employee of the Ministry of Civil Defense who participated in removing the consequences was transported to the hospital from his injuries. The governor said there was no danger to life.

Independent media reported that the Ukrainian attacks in the Rostov region also targeted a Russian military aircraft factory. At first nothing was known about any damage there. In the Kursk region, the local governor said that the debris of a Ukrainian drone fell on the roof of a hospital. However, there were no injuries.

In its defense against the more than two-year-old Russian invasion, Ukraine has repeatedly attacked its neighboring country with drones. Military targets on the Russian side used to attack Ukraine will be destroyed. However, the damage and casualties are disproportionate to the consequences of the Russian attacks in Ukraine.