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A massive shift to the right in Portugal's parliamentary elections

A massive shift to the right in Portugal's parliamentary elections

The bourgeoisie is directly ahead of the previously ruling socialists – right-wing populists could triple their vote share

In Portugal, Sunday's early parliamentary elections led to a massive shift to the right. The Socialists assume the prime ministership Antonio Costa According to voter polls, they ended up behind the conservative Democratic Alliance led by the opposition leader. Louis Montenegro, while the right-wing populist party Chiga (“That's Enough”) made huge gains. However, it remains unclear whether there will be enough of a right-wing majority in parliament.

According to the polls, the Democratic Alliance received 27.6 to 33 percent of the votes, and Chiga received 14 to 21.6 percent. The Socialists are under the leadership of their new top candidate Pedro Nuno Santos Therefore, you can expect to get 24.2 to 29.5 percent of the votes. In the 2022 parliamentary elections, they obtained 41.4% and an absolute majority in the 230-member parliament. The right-wing populist Chiga party received 7.2 percent of the vote, and the DA coalition parties received 30.7 percent.

president Marcelo Rebelo de Souza It had called for new elections in November, after Socialist Prime Minister Antonio Costa resigned due to an alleged corruption scandal, and remained in office only temporarily.

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