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A million donations were played and famous at the “Licht ins Dunkel” concert »Ledersent

A million donations were played and famous at the “Licht ins Dunkel” concert »Ledersent

| Editorial Board

| 11/21/2022

The event was held for the 50th anniversary of the fundraiser at the Sofiensäle in Vienna.

In addition to Federal Chancellor Karl Nehammer, Vice Chancellor Werner Kugler and Federal Defense Minister Claudia Tanner, many celebrities and people from the public attended the live broadcast, emphasizing the importance of the relief operation.

famous listeners

The atmospheric TV evening at the Sofiensäle was moderated by Nina Kraft and Norbert Oberhauser. Many celebrities, including businessmen and politicians, ORF– Supervisors and public figures on donation phones and take donor calls.

Helen Fisher is doing it for good reason

Part of the celebration program was the appearance of many notable guests – including Helen Fisher, Sarah Connor, David Jarrett, DJ Otzi, Melissa Nashenwing, and Josh. – He who performed for a noble cause without charge. He accompanied most of the stars during their performances before ORF Allstars band. Artists who were previously on stage sat on donation phones.

Mario Thaler, managing director of the association “Licht ins Dunkel”, took the donation check at the end of the ceremony ORF– General Manager Roland Weissmann. The €3.64 million came through numerous donor calls as well as company partnerships, a 24-hour cycling challenge, and other individual and corporate donations. In addition, the federal government has promised to double the amount of donations received by December 24.

There are impressions of the concert over here.