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A new beginning – The former Kika branch in Eisenstadt has become a shopping center

A new beginning – The former Kika branch in Eisenstadt has become a shopping center

The old Kika branch will be converted and a shopping mall will be built there in 2025. The fitness studio has already started.

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DrThe real estate company “Supernova Invest GmbH” plans to build a shopping center in the empty Kika branch in Eisenstadt. In addition to sales and restaurant areas, there will also be a fitness studio.

The Kika branch on Mattersburger Straße in Eisenstadt has been dormant for about a year. Now the building must be given a new life. After the bankruptcy of Kika/Leiner, the Graz real estate company “Supernova Invest GmbH” bought all Kika and Leiner branches throughout Austria. Including the branch in Eisenstadt. A shopping center featuring retail stores and restaurants is planned for the former furniture store. According to Gabriel Kafer of Supernova Invest GmbH, the shopping center should open its doors next year, it was said in response to BVZ's request. Unlike other shopping areas in Eisenstadt, there will not be any additional soil insulation in this project. Instead, the old building will be renovated and modernized.

The Athletics-Reiterer fitness studio became Elite Fitness Club

The new Elite Fitness Club is scheduled to open on the first floor of the building this summer, replacing the Athletics Reiterer fitness studio in the former Bannert building. There will be more space for modern fitness equipment with 1,200 square meters. According to the fitness studio's managing director, Jochen Mayer, there will also be a dedicated shop area in the new fitness studio. All sports nutrition products can be purchased here. The clients of the Athletics-Reiter-Fitness studio will be easily taken over by the new owner Elite Fitness Club.

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