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A new free game that lets you prepare killer burgers

A new free game that lets you prepare killer burgers

Although October is almost overflowing with new releases, it has to offer you Legendary Games Store And with the ongoing promotion, you once again have the opportunity to try out an older title for free.

As of Thursday, you can also play the game on competitor Steam, which laid off nearly 900 employees just last week Completely free download. After the modeling kit has put your gray cells to the test and your dark role-playing prowess has been tested, now is the time to prepare a delicious, but… Killer burgers In the spotlight.

Epic Games Store: Godlike Burger turns you into a killer chef

Still Through October 12 at 4:59 p.m You can play the game developed by Liquid Pug and published by Daedelic Entertainment Divine burgers Download it for free and enjoy it even after the promotion ends if you add it to your library in time. the Restaurant simulation It seems at first glance Overcooked In space, but beneath the steaming cooking pots lies a dark secret.

The meat from which you prepare delicious meatballs and put them on the hot grill is not made from cattle or pigs, but from aliens: this is where it literally strikes Your customers are in the frying pan. Since Hungarian gourmets love to eat themselves, you should prepare your burgers with poison, set traps or swing a chef’s knife etc. Cannibal appetite Bring it to the table.

Free on the Epic Games Store next week

As you can see from the procedures in Legendary Games Store As you might be familiar with, you can only download Godlike Burger for free within a week, but after that you can keep it forever. If you don’t like running a restaurant, you can From October 12 at 5 p.m Looking forward to a new free game.

Next week at the same time, two games are waiting for you on the Epic Games Store: Pirate PvP Flaming sailswhere you have to sink enemy pirates, in addition The ultimate QUBE package, which combines the two parts including the season pass for the puzzle title. And after a day it shows up too Lords of the Fallen was vetted by us at gamescoma reboot of the nearly ten-year-old Soulslike game.