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Find the best arm wrestlers in Austria

Find the best arm wrestlers in Austria

It's not just the muscles, but also the nerve forces that are released with each round of arm wrestling. About 80 arm wrestlers showed that on Saturday in Gramatneusiedl. The men competed against each other in different weight categories – under 80, 100 kilograms or more. Women's competitions are held in the open class. All participants were divided into left- or right-handed people – and you can compete in both categories.

The goal of the sport should be familiar to everyone from the pub or from school. Each round you try to press your opponent's arm to the surface. Unlike a pub, there are clear rules in a tournament.

“The elbows should always be on the elbow pads, and the press is done at the height. Your wrists and shoulders should always be parallel to the table when you start. These are the basic rules,” explained organizer Martin Hentschel, president of the first professional arm-wrestling club in Austria.

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The battles between David and Goliath

The participants trained hard for the first tournament, they said “I also have a table and equipment at home. So I have everything I need at home and that's good,” said women's event winner Magdalena Kaminjacevic from Vienna.

Arm wrestler Clara-Anna Egger is also part of the seven-member women's team and placed third in the tournament. The 33-year-old Tyrolean was asked in the weight room in Vienna if she would like to join the club. “We usually train with four or five people, which makes us the largest women's team in Austria,” says Egger, who “trains” exclusively with the family at the hostel.

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The first Austrian championship in arm wrestling

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Sometimes the competition feels like a battle between David and Goliath. Connie Schneider from Vienna explained that muscle mass alone is not decisive. “There's a lot more technology behind it than you think. Of course you have to train hard, but nerves are part of it too.

The next tournament is in October

Manuel Comber from Vorarlberg took first place in the amateur category in the over 85 kilograms category. “I'm actually always nervous, but when I'm nervous, it always works out somehow. I'm happy to win, I didn't expect it. I've only been doing this for a year and a half.”

Maximilian Falkner from Vienna recently started arm wrestling. The 21-year-old was happy with the win, but he's yet to reach the podium: “I'm not on the podium now, but I did get a win. I'm happy with my first competition. But I still have a lot of work to do.”

About a hundred visitors loudly cheered the duels. Some have been inspired by the unusual sport, such as Ariane Helldorf from Vienna: “I'm really there for my friend. But I plan to participate in the future as well.” With enough training, some new fans could start at the upcoming arm wrestling tournament as early as October. .