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A new tennis dome has been opened at KLC

A new tennis dome has been opened at KLC

An indoor training option has been created for the winter months at the KLC tennis courts in Nautilusweg. Local tennis is upgraded with the use of an air dome. The city of Klagenfurt and the state of Carinthia contributed to the total costs amounting to 700 thousand euros.

Bettina Germain (KLC President), Josko Skogur (KLC Tennis Coach), Werner Bolnig (KLC President), Otto Gepfler (KLC Tennis), NR representative. Retired Anton Lekam (President ASKÖ Carinthia), LH Dr. Peter Kaiser, Deputy Mayor, Major General Philipp Lessnig, Mayor Christian Scheider, City Sports Councilor Major General Franz Petritz, State Sports Director, Major General Arno Arthofer with athletes from the KLC Tennis Club. Photo: City Communications/Businesstainer

The range of tennis halls in Klagenfurt has decreased in recent years. This also severely limited options for effective vocational training in the winter months. In April 2022, the decision was made to construct a new air dome on the grounds of the Klagenfurt Athletics Club (KLC) in Nautilusvig.

“The city spoke in favor of the project due to the lack of training opportunities available in the cold season, thus supporting tennis and especially promoting young talent in Klagenfurt.”
Mayor Christian Scheider

Of the total costs of 700,000 euros, the city of Klagenfurt supports the association with 350,000 euros, including 150,000 euros in funding from the state of Carinthia. The air dome measuring about 50 x 36 x 11 meters with three tennis courts was officially opened on Friday afternoon.

“As a sports administrator, I am very pleased that the people of Klagenfurt will have three new indoor courts available to them during the winter months. There is already a lot of interest and it shows that supporting this project was absolutely right and necessary for local tennis.”
Sports advisor, city council advisor Maj Franz Petritz

The air dome, heated by central heating, is open from October to April and is now 90 percent fully booked. KLC was established in 1958 and has a tennis facility consisting of 13 tennis courts and a clubhouse. The club currently has about 350 members who are active in various leagues. Out of 80 youngsters, four players are in the top ten in Austria.

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