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Graz lost to Bolzano 1:3

Graz lost to Bolzano 1:3

Moser Medical Graz99ers also have to admit defeat to HCB Südtirol. Graz lost to Bolzano with a score of 1:3.

The 99ers still had to name a few players this evening and were able to compete in Posen with just three lines. The Graz team’s performance was not bad and managed to maintain the score at 0-0 in the first half. After all, you had to survive an outnumbered 3 vs. 5 situation. The 99ers had chances for Gregor, Wimmenborn and Fevre.

In the second half, Graz led 1-0. Dodero took the shot and Clemens Krenz turned the puck into the South Tyrol goal. However, the home team tied with the majority. McClure (35.PP) first made the score 1:1 and a few seconds later Valentin (35.PP) scored from a blueliner to make it 2:1.

The 99 now notice that their power is slowly diminishing. The home team took advantage of its opportunity when it outnumbered them and raised the score to 3:1 through Frigo (50.SH). It was also the decision in this match.

Round 11 – win2day ice hockey league
HCB Südtirol – Moser Medical Graz99ers 3:1
Sequence of goals: 0:1 Cranes (28.PP), 1:1 McClure (35.PP), 2:1 Valentin (35.), 3:1 Frigo (50.SH)

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