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A new type of electric motor could revolutionize electronic cars

A new type of electric motor could revolutionize electronic cars

The German company Mahle is currently developing a new type of electric motor. The rare earth elements have to be dispensed and thus more environmentally friendly and resource-saving when manufactured compared to other motors. The new method is said to have an efficiency of up to 96 percent – an efficiency that Formula E machines would otherwise have achieved.

The current design of electric cars is a synchronous machine. It has a moving (rotor) component that interacts with the magnetic housing (stator). Synchronous machines are very effective, but they often use a permanent magnet in the rotor, which requires rare earths to be manufactured.

Contactless transmission

Additionally, the permanent magnetic field slows them down. Mahell wants to deal with this with the new system. The transmission of electric current from the rotor to the stator should work inductive and without contact, So the company. This achieves an efficiency of 95 percent, under good conditions of up to 96 percent. So far, only Formula E race cars have managed to realize this value.

Cutting out permanent magnets not only saves resources but is also cheaper. The system is also free from wear and no engine maintenance is required. The engine is suitable for all systems of smaller and larger electric vehicles. The engine is especially suitable for normal road traffic, they say.

BMW uses electromagnets

BMW is seeking Similar principle, But it is not contactless. The auto maker is betting With iX3 On electromagnets instead of permanent magnets to transfer energy. This means that the company can also manage without rare soil. The efficiency is given here at 93 percent, which is below the value Mahle is aiming for.

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