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A nun is said to have abused a boy in Germany

A nun is said to have abused a boy in Germany

Germany’s public prosecutor’s office is investigating a nun on suspicion of sexually assaulting a boy in Speyer.

A spokesperson for the Frankenthal attorney general’s office said Thursday that the woman has not provided any information yet, and she has appointed a lawyer. She is said to have abused the boy once a month at the children’s home in Speyer between 1994 and 1997. The boy is said to have been about nine years old when he committed the first act.

The alleged victim raised the allegations this year in a letter to the Diocese of Speyer. The diocese sent the letter to the public prosecutor in the spring. There it was first checked whether specific incidents could be prohibited by law. “The preliminary investigation began this month,” the spokesman said.

The file has been very thin so far, and investigators are hoping to glean more information from the police questioning of the now 36-year-old. The exact age of grannies The agency did not report for privacy reasons that she was “under 70,” the spokesperson said.

Last year, the Diocese of Speyer admitted several cases of abuse from the 1960s and 1970s at the Children’s Home.

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