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Amnesty: There are hardly any escape routes for refugees from Afghanistan

Nearly two months after the last evacuation flight from Afghanistan, those left behind face nearly insurmountable obstacles in their search for protection abroad. Amnesty International stated in a report published today. Neighboring countries refused to allow them to cross the border without documents, and many countries in Europe and Central Asia implemented illegal pushbacks (refusals), imprisonment and deportations.

“Since the Taliban came to power, it has been nearly impossible to apply for travel documents, which forces many Afghans to travel without official documents, which in turn is punished by other governments,” says Francesca Pisotelli, head of refugee rights. Migrants in Amnesty.

Pardon: receive those who ask for protection

The Taliban fleeing did not find security and protection, but ended up in makeshift camps in the border areas or were imprisoned and deported. In addition, according to reports from the country, the Taliban set up checkpoints where they were specifically looking for people who worked with the previous government.

Amnesty International is therefore appealing to all states to take in those who seek protection and to put in place targeted resettlement programs in order to bring those at risk to safety. Under the international principle of non-refoulement – the prohibition against returning people to countries where they are at risk of torture or other serious human rights violations – governments must grant international protection to both those who have entered the country and those already in the country.