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A party for the gods |  a look!

A party for the gods | a look!

Ascend to Heaven

The elevator ride to the eighth floor that evening was actually like climbing to heaven. Upon reaching the summit, the Greek gods in white toga with golden laurel wreaths opened the gates of heaven to the guests: the amazing rooftop terrace. Invited guests were allowed to walk around and join in the picturesque Vienna skyline Refreshing watermelon Lilit in the eveningvoices. Small and exquisite snacks, inspired by the fusion of Austrian classics with the unique taste experience of the Silk Road, served for physical well-being.

Vintage meets modern chic

wonderful ISTROS tape on the roof, which is in no way inferior to the VIP sites of big cities like New York City, was transformed into Mount Olympus in the center of Vienna that evening with decorative objects with an ancient Greek touch. In this area, designed for the gods, all the people participated in the party until the wee hours and enjoyed sparkling champagne pearls and a breathtaking view of the city. Among those present were Madalena Hershal (actress), Yugo (rapper and music producer), Faris Rahuma (actor), Maria Yakovleva (ballerina), Dorita Carter (singer), Martin Permoser (actor), Anouk Lam (artist) and others. more.

VIPs, influencers and celebrities from the fields of gastronomy, culture, art, business and media have been able to blast into the hot tunes of DJs Anna Ulrich and Maher Jamal. Italo’s shining house, soul addict and funk allow the turntables to glow in the process Guests danced the night away and the stage was over the Danube Canal like the Acropolis over Athens. Closing the evening: Simply divine from start to finish!

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