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A picture of a horse and a Barbie doll on the Queen's birthday

A picture of a horse and a Barbie doll on the Queen’s birthday

For Queen Elizabeth II’s 96th birthday, the royal family posted a photo of their head saying that the Queen was particularly fond of animals. Toy maker Mattel honors the Queen with a Barbie doll.

The royal family celebrated its 96th birthday on Thursday with a public tribute to Queen Elizabeth II’s ongoing passion for horses. The royal family took to social media to share a photo of the Queen in a long green coat as she stood between two of her snow-white ponies, dubbed Bybeck Katie and Bybeck Nightingale.

Photographer Henry Dallal took a picture of the monarch at Windsor Castle in March. In the background of the shot, trees and plants began to bloom.

It also seems that the Queen’s clothes were chosen deliberately: the British monarch was already dressed in dark green, the so-called “Edinburgh green”. At a memorial service this year for her late husband Prince Philip to see. He was famous for wearing the color on formal occasions.

Barbie doll for your birthday

Since the bigger festivities and the traditional “Trooping the Color” parade won’t be due until the beginning of June, as it does every year, the 96-year-old celebrates her birthday Especially in her country house in the east of England, Sandringham. Publicly, this day is celebrated only by cannon shots.

Unusual birthday gift: Queen Elizabeth as Barbie doll.© Mattel 2022

Manufacturer Barbie Mattel, who has been making headlines for some time with models based on notable models in the so-called “Tribute Collection”.The Queen launched a Barbie with a tiara and elegant dress for the Queen’s birthday, said to be available at department stores such as Harrods and Selfridges. The representation is based on an image created for her 60th jubilee in 2012, called “daily Mailmentioned. The model sold out in the online store was already announced Thursday morning. The doll can be purchased for around $75 (€69).

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