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The military junta did not want the ambassador to release Prime Minister Sookie and President Vincent last month.

The two were arrested in connection with the February 1 coup. Sookie is still under house arrest.

Ambassador Sookie was appointed in 2014 and has a military background.

According to the news agency AFP, the ambassador was invited home in March, but did not comply with the order.

Last night, the ambassador said he would stay outside the embassy overnight. According to the BBC, he spent the night in a car outside the building.

“This is my building,” Kyaw Swar Min said.

The video shows the banned ambassador in front of the embassy last night. Earlier in the day, protesters from the military junta demonstrated in support of the Kiao Swar Min. They left flowers and posters demanding Suu Kyi’s release.

Number two at the embassy, ​​Councilor Sidwin, is said to have been with the military liaison to evacuate the ambassador.

The English condemn

– We condemn the persecution from the military regime of Minneapolis in London yesterday.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb tweets this morning.

There is no doubt which side the British government supports.

Britain has been a driving force in the task of getting a UN Security Council to condemn the attacks on protesters in Myanmar.

The British government is also on several occasions Introduced sanctions Against economic institutions controlled by military rule in Myanmar.

Wherever people oppose, there are soldiers in military rule. Here in the Duplaya district of Karen state in the east of the country. The Karen people have long been in conflict with federal officials.

Photo: Manual / AFP

Arresting celebrities

The popular actor and model was arrested in Yangon this morning.

Baing Dagon was arrested at his mother’s home. Sister told Reuters he was picked up by about 50 soldiers who arrived in 8 military vehicles. It is not clear where he is now.

According to the sister, Dagon said he was unwell and had been staying at home for the past few days.

He has more than a million followers on social media. But in recent days, his pages have dwindled and it is not clear whether they were deleted or someone else.

Bing Dagon

Actor Baing Dagon during a demonstration on February 11. – Support Myanmar, do not support dictators, it says in the poster.

Photo: Str / AFP

“We must stop the crimes against humanity,” Dagon told the crowd.

According to France 24 Police are now hunting down about 120 celebrities who support protests against military rule.

The AAPP, an organization that provides assistance to political prisoners, said at least 598 civilians had been killed and nearly 2,900 arrested in the weeks following the February 1 military coup.

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