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The carry-on trend is leading to a ketchup shortage in the United States

This epidemic is leading to a shortage of ketchup areas in the United States. Restaurants are increasingly being taken over. Thus, the ketchup crisis will occur.

A portion of ketchup is depleted in the United States after a year of infection. Photo: Richard Drew / AB / NDP

Restaurant industry strikes and layoffs for more than a year. As for restaurants, selling portable menus has become a way of life. The trend of carrying has become increasingly popular. That’s why the ketchup crisis has arisen.

– There is a shortage of section packages with ketchup, they come with portable menus and write The Wall Street Journal.

Demand is so high that ketchup makers cannot provide enough. The price of small ketchup bags has gone up According to the newspaper, 13 percent from January 2020. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.

Could not produce enough

Restaurant managers are searching more and less for smaller ketchup packages. They have checked on the shelves of large grocery stores for the item they wanted. Some restaurants tried to empty ketchup from bottles into small containers.

Haynes is one of the best-selling ketchup brands in the United States. They told AFP, the Kraft Haynes news agency, that they had increased production of smaller packages. However, demand is higher than production capacity. No wonder some people like this restaurant owner in Denver, Colorado:

– How can we serve “French fries” without Haynes ketchup?

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