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A protest against Corona was raised by 51 representatives

A protest against Corona was raised by 51 representatives

“I still hope that virologists can define our lives. They only know what is healthy for us,” Nina Brule says in a video for the Shut Down Everything. 51 German and Austrian representatives have posted clips on YouTube criticizing the current Corona measures. In another video, Proll’s colleague, Miriam Stein, sarcastically called that you can only go for a PCR test with a negative PCR test. “We all have to do what we’re told. This is the only way we can get past the pandemic,” says Jean-Joseph Levers, TV commissioner for Taturt.

The YouTube channel, which has 26,000 subscribers and 1.6 million views, to watch the videos. However, it is not clear who organized the event and how serious it was. There are many greats from the TV scene, from Heike Makatsch to Ulrich Tukur, and from Manuel Rubey to Nicholas Ofczarek. On the one hand, they received praise for the protest, for example from the former head of the German constitution protection Hans-Georg Massen or from the member of the Alternative for Germany in the Bundestag, Joanna Kotar. On the other hand, there is also intense criticism that celebrities are putting themselves in the camp of right-wing thinkers and parties with their pronouncements.

A protest against Corona was raised by 51 representatives

Nina Brule also participated.

Photo: APA

Linz Collections designer Jan Hax Halama sharply criticized the event on Facebook, saying: “What should it be? Mockery? Satire? Art? It’s bad!

In light of the ongoing criticism, many participants have already distanced themselves from the event.

Jean-Joseph Levers refrained from any affinity with the conspiracy theorists, and Heike Makach emphasized that she did not want to alleviate the suffering of Covid patients. Merritt Baker announced on Instagram that she would remove her video: “This action backfired.”

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