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Franz Bosch: "Today there are no more powers"

Franz Bosch: “Today there are no more powers”

Franz Bosch has been presenting the popular music program “Mei liabste Weis” for nearly 35 years. He doesn’t like to talk at all. But when he thinks about something, he sees it, says the former teacher. He tells “Presse am Sonntag” why his “students ate from his hand”, why Andreas Gaballier succeeded and why he admired Peter Rapp.

Thank you for this conversation with me. You describe yourself as someone who doesn’t particularly like to talk.

Franz Bosch: I don’t like talking at all. not at all.When I perform with my group, the Inbrügglers, my colleagues ask me: “Say something to the people!” But I don’t like it. I’m not much of a talker, I prefer playing. The only time I have no choice but to speak is on my TV show “Mei liabste Weis”. At the time, they forced me to do it.

Who forced you?

The director said when Vienna said we could do the show someday ORF Tyrol, with whom I’ve always made folk music together, told me: “But you have to talk. I can’t do that and I don’t like him either.” “Well done,” I said to myself. Anyway, ORF then sent me to Peter Rapp for a quick boil course. And he gave me a lot of courage: “Don’t let yourself be bent. Stay the way you are,” that was his main message. So this is a man of dreams and a complete professional in his profession. Shortly before the premiere he called me and said he’d be watching me and would keep his fingers crossed. I will never forget him.

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