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A quantum leap on mobile phones: Whatsapp announces a new photo function

A quantum leap on mobile phones: Whatsapp announces a new photo function

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With a new feature, images can now be sent using Whatsapp with better quality. When should the job be available?

Munich – Whatsapp is the most popular messaging service in Germany. In order to maintain this, the app is constantly being developed. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has now announced a feature that many users want.

Whatsapp has launched a new photo feature – that should be possible soon

New functions of the WhatsApp messenger service are constantly being introduced. The long-awaited photo feature should become part of the app in the future. Want to see life in HD? Whatsapp announced on Twitter that the ability to send high-resolution images via chat is now yours. Soon Whatsapp users will be able to choose to send images in standard or HD quality.

Whatsapp introduces a new feature to send images in HD quality. © NurPhoto / Imago (avatar)

If a high-resolution image is selected to send, users will be asked what quality they want to send. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was also excited: “WhatsApp’s photo sharing has been improved,” he wrote on Facebook. Whatsapp has been a part of Meta Platforms since 2014 (Facebook Inc. until 2021). The new photo feature is supposed to be available worldwide in the next few weeks, the exact date is not known yet. Whatsapp has recently faced a headwind with its emoji update.

New video functionality should be available soon on Whatsapp

The new photo feature should be available for Android, iOS, and also on the web. Anyone receiving high-resolution images should be able to identify them by a small “HD” icon. The resolution of this HD image must be higher than standard quality. While the standard corresponds to a resolution of 1600 x 522 pixels, the high resolution has 4096 x 2692 pixels. It remains to be seen if the quality of the photos sent can keep up with that of iMessage or over Bluetooth.

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How to send HD images in Whatsapp soon:

  • Open whatsapp chat app
  • Click on “plus”.
  • Select “Photos and Videos”.
  • Click on the image you want
  • Click on the new HD icon at the top
  • Send photos in HD quality

“Finally, Whatsapp no ​​longer destroys the quality of our photos,” a Twitter user wrote in the Whatsapp post. “I hope there will be an ‘Always send in HD quality’ feature,” another wished. However, Whatsapp made it clear that HD resolution should not be a default setting. The background is that sending images should continue to work reliably. If the recipient has an internet connection Weak, the image will only arrive in standard quality anyway.HD option for videos will follow soon.In 2022, 500 million WhatsApp users have been affected by data theft.