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A security flaw in the boarding pass reveals the CEO of Lufthansa

A security flaw in the boarding pass reveals the CEO of Lufthansa

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Lufthansa-president Karsten Spur He fell victim to a security flaw in his company, mirror reports. can be unknown about QR Code on anyone boarding passes AUA’s Head Parent on His Data – Including His Data E-mail address so is Mobile Phone Number – being able to.

sensitive data

In addition to information about the flight in question, QR codes on boarding passes also contain other sensitive data, including Service card number of frequent travelers. This can be used to read the pending reservation on the airline’s website. Boarding passes can also be printed and the way boarding passes are sent can be changed.

For further actions, such as canceling tickets, you must log in to the user account with a PIN.

Lufthansa confirms the existence of a gap

Lufthansa confirmed to Der Spiegel that the information on the boarding pass could be used to read the data. A company spokesman said there were no security risks. The airline’s customers are advised to be careful with their flight documents and they are “like money” to cure.

This is not the first time that Lufthansa has had to deal with errors in IT systems. Last year, attackers stole data from a service provider’s network star alliance, to which Lufthansa Group also belongs. In 2016, hackers managed to exploit a vulnerability in the online reservation system Amadeus To get free flights.